Absinthe Distillery

The renaissance of a spirit banned for nearly a century.

Absinthe Distillery Bar

In May 2011, after nearly a century of prohibition, the French ban on Absinthe was lifted.

Absinthe Distillery Pernod Green Beast

The creation of a special place at the heart of the Thuir distillery for bartenders, guests and media to celebrate the renaissance.

Absinthe Distillery Mixing
Absinthe Distillery Pernod Bar

The perfectly U shaped stainless steel bar sits beneath a central opening to the mezzanine above. Ideal for bartender academies.

Absinthe Distillery Bartender Mixing Drinks

The revival of Alexandre Gustave Eiffel’s iconic distillery in the town of Thuir in the Pyrénées-Orientales.

Absinthe Distillery Pernod Mezzanine

A timeless interior was designed to complement Eiffel’s 20th Century vision.

Absinthe Distillery U-Shaped Bar